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What's Inside a Computer?

In the endless evolving world of electronics, there's always the same principal concept that a computer operates on: sending electrical signals through a circuit. Over the many years since the the first computers, they got smaller. From dedicating massive rooms to your palm of your hands, computers are everywhere you go. It's important to know what components go into the computer and what their individual function is.

Photo by Tistio

What Makes a Computer?

There's eight components that goes inside a computer:

  • Case: Provides shielding for the other parts

  • Motherboard: The backbone of the computer, connects other parts together

  • CPU: The brains of the computer, processes thoughts

  • RAM: Fast-retrieval storage, working space for the computer*

  • GPU: The eyes for the computer, displays user interfaces for the computer

  • Storage: Bank storage, all the saved data lives here

  • Power Supply: Provides the energy and shares with other part

*Note: If the power gets turned off, all that data is lost.

Mentioned before, the great thing about computers is that they come in all different types and sizes. From the cell phone that's in your pocket to satellites flying in space. There's pros and cons to each of these and ultimately depends on your needs on which to get.

Our Recommendations

For Managed IT Services:

  • CPU: i3 - 6th Gen / AMD equivalent or better

  • Storage: 256 SDD (Solid State Drive)

  • RAM: 8 GB or more*

*Note: Have more if you want a faster computer

Photo by Alienware

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